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Dr. Said Bin Khamis Al Kaabi, Chairman of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) issued Decision No. 65/2012 on January 31, 2012 to prohibit marketing, advertising and the distribution of the following products (Khojati Kohl – Spanish Saffron Sierra Quality and Two Flowers Saffron Brand) until proven that it meets the GCC Standard Specifications and confirm that a license from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry was obtained in order to be sold in the market.

PACP stated that the reason behind banning the Khojati Kohl is because it contains the metal lead of which affects consumers’ health.  As for the mentioned Saffron brands, it contains ash that exceeds the allowed limit percentage according to GCC Standard Specifications.

The Authority had to collect samples and send it the laboratories and address the concerning entities regarding this matter; it has been proven that the products mentioned above violate the specifications, and thus required the issuance of this decision.

PACP warns consumers against purchasing these products and advises them to make sure of the products’ production and expiry date as well to check the country of origin before buying them. It also warns that it will not tolerate with the violators who sell products that would put the consumers’ health and safety at risk.

Article (2) in this ban decision stated that anyone violating the terms of this decision shall be punished under Article (21) of the Consumer Protection Law. This decision shall come into force (30) days following date of issue to enable suppliers to takeout all the banned products from the local markets.

The Decision No 65 / 2012 comes as  pursuant to Royal Decree No. 26/2011 establishing the Public Authority for Consumer Protection, Royal Decree No. 53/2011 issuing the Public Authority for Consumer Protection Regulations, the Consumer Protection Law issued under Royal Decree No. 81 /200, Decision No. 49 / 2007 issuing Implementing Instrument for Consumer Protection Law, Specification No. GSO 1846/2008 related to cosmetics and beauty products Al Athmad Kohl (Antimony), and Specification No. GSO ISO 3632-1/2007 issued by the GCC Standardization Organization (GSO) in regards to the standard specification of saffron.