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The Consumer Protection Authority, in cooperation with Zawawi Trading Company, launched a recall campaign for 7 Mercedes cars, 3 of which were  C200 AMG type according to the chassis numbers from (WDD2053871F870465) to (WDD2050801R435019)

3 cars of type E300 AMG according to the chassis numbers from (WDD2130481A038181) to (WDD2906611A012494), in addition to one C300 AMG car according to chassis numbers from (WDD2906891A005239) to (WDD2050831R45031R450365).


The recall comes because on some cars of AMG GT (190 platforms), C-CLASS (205 platforms), E-CLASS (213 platforms), S-CLASS (222 platforms) and E-Class Coupe Convertible (238 Platform) and class CLS (257 platforms) The safety belt warning function does not meet the specifications after replacing the instrument cluster, as it does not give correct warnings in the event that the driver and the second seat passenger do not fasten the seat belt. Consequently, the driver will not receive full service of warnings when the passenger does not fasten the belt, thus, local legal requirements will not be met. Therefore, the company will, as a precaution, activate the correct warning mechanism for the seat belt in the instrument cluster.


These recalls confirm the efforts made by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with car dealers, to preserve the lives and safety of consumers, and to provide the necessary protection for consumers through its constant keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.


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