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The Consumer Protection Authority in cooperation with General Automotive Company (GAC) launched a recall campaign for 202 Mitsubishi Outlander model 2016 according to the chassis numbers from (JMYXLGF4WGZ703714) to (JMYXTGF3WGZ704046).

This recall is due to peeling off the anti-rust coating of the parking brake holder lever and water seeps into the brake caliper, making it rust. As a result of continuous use, the rust will corrode, which causes the brake clutch arm to stop working, which leads to a decrease in the parking brake force, and in the worst cases the vehicle may move while it is stopped and accordingly the company will replace the brake clutch lever.

This recall confirms the efforts made by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with auto agencies, to preserve the lives and safety of consumers, and to provide them with the necessary protection, and in line with its continuous keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.



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