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The Consumer Protection Authority in cooperation with Oman Marketing and Services Company launched a recall campaign for 560 Honda City and CRV vehicles in the 2006-2008 models, whereby 120 Honda City vehicles were recalled from the 2006 model year based on the chassis numbers from (MRHGD653460211) to (MRHGD663X6P061006), and from (MRHGD85906P080231) to (MRHGD869X6P081501), 105 Honda City vehicles from 2007 model year were recalled depending on the chassis numbers from (MRHGD65317P060281) to (MRHGD663X7P060715), and from (MRHGD86905X060715) Honda City, MRHGD86905X0801509 was recalled. 2008 model from (MRHGD66308P060143) to (MRHGD663X8P062157), 310 Honda CRV vehicles were also recalled in the 2006 model based on chassis numbers from (JHLRD78406C407077) to (JHLRD789X6C410354).

This call comes due to a technical defect in the driver’s electric window assembly that may lead to melting of the conductive wires and the collector with the appearance of smoke, and therefore the company will replace the main switch group of the electric window.

These recalls confirm the efforts made by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with auto agencies to preserve the lives and safety of consumers as well as to provide them with the necessary protection in line with its continuous keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.

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