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The Consumer Protection Authority in cooperation with the Oman Marketing and Services Company launched a recall campaign for 5 Honda bikes (CRF450RM) models 2021 where a JH2PE073XMK400813 bike was recalled bearing the code PE07-CRF450RM and one bike of type JH2PE0738MK400826 bearing the code PE07-CRF450RM. Another bike of type JH2PE073XMK400827 was recalled bearing the code PE07-CRF450RM as well as recalling a bike of type JH2PE0731MK400828 bearing the code PE07RMF 450 as well as type JH2PE0733MK400829 with code PE07-CRF450RM.

This recall comes due to the small diameter of the rivet fixing the movement chain (connection) than the required size rate. Therefore the rotation of the main link is incorrect which will lead to damage to the rivet and the separation of the movement drive chain. Thus stop the bike from working and accordingly the agency will replace the chain for driving.

These calls confirm the efforts made by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with agencies working in the field to preserve the lives and safety of consumers and to provide the necessary protection for them it also come in line with its continuous keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.

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