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The Consumer Protection Authority has warned against using the "Health & Beauty Indian Healing Clay" skin care product. In addition, it notified the supplier that the product has been suspended and withdrawn from the market for not conforming to the approved standard specifications while giving the supplier time to correct its situation.

The authority explained that it had sent samples of each of the products: Health & Beauty Indian Healing Clay with Moroccan neela made in the Sultanate of Oman, the Health & Beauty roushun Secret Indian Healing Clay product made in the Republic of China, and the "Health Beauty Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay" product made in the United States of America. Where the results of the examination showed a high percentage of air colonies (aerobic plate count) than the maximum allowed in the specification for several reasons including failure to follow the principles of good manufacturing during the stages of product manufacturing and the packaging stage or because the product was stored in conditions and an unsuitable environment and exposure to a high percentage of aerobic colonies may lead to health risks to the consumer which is in violation of the Gulf Standard No. (GSO 1943/2016) regarding safety requirements for cosmetics and personal care.

The authority advises all consumers not to use the product and dispose of the samples they have emphasizing the purchase of products from reliable sources through which their source can be traced. It also calls on all suppliers to commit not to trade these products in the local markets in the Sultanate in order to preserve the health and safety of consumers and to avoid any legal question confirming that it is continuing to perform the mission entrusted to it and bears the secretariat with all credibility and commitment