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His Excellency Sulayem bin Ali bin Sulayem Al Hakmani, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Authority, issued Decision No. 301/2021 which stipulates in its first article stopping the circulation of jelly and slime toys of all kinds, shapes and sizes in the Sultanate’s markets

While the second article stipulates the supplier is obligated to withdraw the violating quantities from the producers mentioned in the first article from all the Sultanate’s markets to preserve public health. Whoever violates the provisions of this decision, an administrative fine of no less than 50 Omani riyals and not more than 1,000 Omani riyals. The fine shall be doubled in the event of a repetition of the violation. Every day the violation continues, provided that the total does not exceed 2000 Omani riyals. Article 4 requires those concerned to implement this decision and it shall be enforced from the date of its issuance.


Accordingly, the authority began implementing the decision as it was circulated to all directorates and departments of the authority to withdraw the products from the market. Also, it has taken all necessary measures to ensure that they are not present in the markets by developing an organized action plan to implement the inspection campaigns carried out by the judicial police officers. The authority also appeals to everyone Cooperating and reporting any violation or violation through the authority’s various communication channels