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In collaboration with the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), the Arabian Engineering Services (AES) has recently launched a recall campaign for 34 MAN trucks model TGA & TGM 2010 - 2011. 

This step comes as part of the efforts exerted by the PACP in line of its steady keen interest in conducting continuous reviews for all the products offered in the Omani markets with the objective of providing the necessary protection for consumers. The Trucks were recalled based on the chassis number as follows:-
)From WMAN38ZZXAY241633 To WMAH34ZZOAM551125)
The recall campaign took place to inspect the trucks that suffer an air leakage from the handbrake valve, Wabco model carrying the manufacturing number 3009 – 3809 equipped by MAN Company.
This leakage could result in operating the handbrake while the vehicle is moving. During this recall campaign, the handbrake valves equipped by MAN Company will be replaced at the affected trucks. It is noteworthy that this campaign started as Wednesday 10 December.