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Consumer Protection, in cooperation with Bahwan Automotive Group, recently launched a campaign to recall 1080 Lexus NX200t, 2015 – 2017 model, based on the chassis No: JTJBARBZ0F2005425 to No: JTJBARBZXH2112260

The reason for the recall is wrong programming of the brake control unit, which may lead to failure of automatic brake engagement if the system fails in certain conditions, and if the gear was left in a position other than “Park” the car may move forward or backward, thus increasing the risk of accident. Accordingly, the dealer will re-programme the brake control unit per the technical instructions from Toyota Motor Corporation.


The recalls confirm the efforts by Consumer Protection in traffic safety, and are consistent with its concern to carry our continuous revision for all the products in the Omani markets to provide the protection required for all the consumers.