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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP)  issued an announcement that was based on the order made by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Saudi Arabia to confiscate some clothes from a children clothing line called (HAIFAS) for not matching the pH value.

“There is more than one distributer of (HAIFAS) products; making it very difficult to identify the shops selling these items. These defective clothes are being sold in the nearby countries at cheap prices and they enter our country through different land means” Says Mr. Omar Faisal Al Jahdhami, the Director General of Consumer Services and Market Monitoring in PACP.


Accordingly, the PACP saw to investigate the claim and proved that the clothes didn’t match the standard pH value; and thus came to the conclusion of  making such an announcement is a necessary procedure, to warn the consumers against purchasing (HAIFAS) clothing line of which is most likely going to harm their children’s health.