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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), in cooperation with the Saud Bahwan Group, launched a recall campaign for 217 Lexus vehicles (LS500 h, LS500) 2017-2018 models, based on the chassis numbers from JTHBYLFFXJ5003408 to JTHB41FF0J5000579.

This is due to an error in the assembly of the frame with the wheel, which leads to the possibility of cracking in the supporting layer of the side wall especially with tires from a specific supplier, and can expand this crack over time, resulting in abnormal noise and vibration of the car. In addition, tire deflection may become larger than normal, resulting in increased tire temperatures and under certain driving conditions, such as driving on highways with low tire pressure. Toyota has also determined that parts of the tread layer can be separated, resulting in vehicle instability and increased collision risk. The agency will then handle this error by inspecting and replacing the tire according to Toyota Motor Corporation's instructions.

The PACP, through this call and in cooperation with the agencies working in this field, affirms its constant interest in maintaining consumer safety and protecting them, and in continuation of its efforts in monitoring Omani markets and ensuring the quality of its products.


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Toll-free No: 80073000 on working days between 08:30 to 17:30 hrs.