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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), in cooperation with Towell Automotive Center, has launched a recall campaign for 39 Mazda BT-50 2016/2018 models

A total of 30 Mazda (BT50) 2016/18 vehicles have been recalled based on chassis numbers from (MM7UR4DA7GW601225) to (MM7UR4DA6JW855127), due to the rupture of the front brake compressor hose due to specific operating conditions resulting in brake oil leakage. Therefore, the company will replace the front brake compressor hose.


In addition, 9 Mazda (BT50) 2018 vehicles have been recalled based on the chassis numbers from (MM7UR3SA8JW832784) to (MM7UR4DA6JW855127) for the failure of the front brake compressor materials to the required specifications, which leads to cracking and leakage of brake oil and showing warning light for the brakes in the tool interface. Therefore, and the company will inspect and replace the front brake compressor.


These recalls confirm the Authority's efforts in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with the agencies working in the field, and in line with its keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products on the market in the Sultanate in order to provide the necessary protection to consumers in all areas.


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