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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection, in cooperation with Dhofar Automotive Company, has launched a recall campaign for 14 Jeep Cherokee 2019 model based on the chassis numbers from (1C4PJMBX3KD286838) to (1C4PJMDXXKD276451).

This recall is due to a defect in the seat restraint control system which may result in loss of communication with the acceleration sensor and illumination of the airbag warning signal in the data panel, as loss of communication with the sensors will reduce the ability of the airbag system to accurately monitor collisions resulting in an airbag system malfunction, delayed deployment, or failure, which increases the risk of injury to occupants in a collision. The institution will replace the acceleration sensors affected.


The recalls underscore the Authority's efforts in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with the agencies working in the field, and in line with its keenness to conduct continuous audits of all products offered in the Sultanate's markets in order to provide the necessary protection to consumers in all areas.


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