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The Public Authority for Consumer Protection in cooperation with Dhofar Automotive Company has launched a recall campaign for 9 Ram Pickup 2500 (DJ) 2014-2018 models

based on the chassis numbers (3C6MR5AT1EG224305), (3C7WR5DJ8HG558270), (3C7WR5DJXHG558271), 3C7WR5DJXHG558271 3C7WR5DJ3HG558273, 3C7WR5DJ5HG558274, 3C7WR5DJ7HG558275, 3C7WR5DJ4HG561148 and 3C7WR5DJ6HG561149.


This recall is due to the connection of the traction link during manufacture to the external steering arm, which causes it to loosen, causing the traction terminal to be disconnected from the modification link, resulting in loss of control of the steering system and the suspension of the truck without warning. Accordingly, the organization will therefore replace the junction set.


The recalls underscore the Authority's efforts in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with automotive agencies to preserve the lives and safety of consumers, and provide the necessary protection for consumers, in line with its keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products in the Sultanate’s market.


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Toll-free No: 24584530 on working days.