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Dr. Said bin Khamis Al-Kaabi, director of Public Authority of Consumer Protection, issued on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 a decision number (103/2020) stated in its first article to stop the sanitizers (Win Care), product’s operation number (M5001) and (Thrill), product’s operation number (01/TRC),

since it does not meet the authorized specifications according to laboratory examination report. The second article states that the supplier shall oblige to withdraw the existing quantities from the ones mentioned in article one and two from all the Sultanate’s markets to maintain the public health. The third article stated not to prejudice the criminal penalties specified in the mentioned Consumer Protection Law. Everyone who breaches this decision’s conditions will be punished by an administrative penalty not less than 50 Omani Riyals and no more than 1000 Omani Riyals. This punishment will be doubled in case the breach is repeated. In case the person continued with this breach, there will be an administrative penalty of 50 Omani Riyals per breaching day and shall not exceed 2000 Omani Riyals. The forth article stated that this decision shall be executed and in force from its issue date.


According to this issued decision, the authority started to execute it where it was generalized to all the authority’s branches and its cadres to withdraw the product from the markets. It also took all the necessary procedures to ensure the non-existence of this product in the markets through investigation campaigns that the judicial police officers do.