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The Consumer Protection Authority, in cooperation with Saud Bahwan Automotive Group, launched a recall campaign for 680 Toyota Rav4 vehicles (1997-1999) model-years. 15 celica vehicles were recalled of 1998 according to the chassis numbers from (JT2DP02T2X0132104) to (JT2DP02T3X0132734), while 665 RAV4 vehicles were recalled model 1997-1999 according to chassis numbers (JTB72SC11W0154914) to (JT3HP10VXY0226935).

This recall comes due to the exposure of ammonium nitrate in the inflator to chemical decomposition as a result of its exposure to moisture and high temperature for long periods, which leads to the rupture of the body of the inflator in the air bags and the flying of metal fragments in the event of deployment and increase the risk of injury to passengers. Accordingly, the company will replace the inflator of the airbags.


These recalls confirm the operation it makes in the field of traffic safety and car agencies, to preserve their lives and safety, and to maintain the continuity of protection for the sake of continued safety and the continuous procedure for conducting a continuous procedure for all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.

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