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The Consumer Protection Authority in cooperation with Sata Company launched a recall campaign for 14 Porsche Cayenne vehicles (9YA) and Cayenne Coupe (9YB) model 2020

, since two vehicles type Porsche Cayenne (9YA) were recalled according to the chassis numbers from (WP1AA2AY4LDA02315) to (WP1AA2AY1LDA02319). 12 vehicles type Cayenne Coupe (9YB) were recalled according to the chassis numbers from (WP1BA2AY1LDA47197) to (WP1BA2AYXLDA47442).


This recall is due to the probability of leakage between the connector and the pipe since the welding connector is not installed between the connector and one of the oil lines of the tiptronic gearshift according to the necessary standards. Therefore, the company is working on checking the production date of the oil pipe of the automatic gearshift and replace it if necessary.


These recalls ensure the efforts that the authority is doing in traffic safety in cooperation with the vehicles agencies to maintain the consumers’ souls and safety and provide the necessary protection in accordance with its continuous concerns to do continuous revisions for all the products presented in the Sultanate’s markets.


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