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The Consumer Protection Authority, in cooperation with Wattayah Motors, launched a recall campaign for 65 Audi vehicles (A8, S8-4.0 TFSI) model-years 2010-2018, according to the chassis numbers from (WAUR2BFD0N017443) to (WUAG2BFD7HN900121).

This recall is due to a defect on the rubber seal in the engine compartment or its loss in certain circumstances, which leads to contact of hot components in the engine compartment due to the vibrations that occur during the operation of the vehicle. Consequently, the seal—and possibly components surrounding it—can scorch and cause a fire. The company will be installing a retaining plate for the rubber seal in the engine compartment.


These recalls confirm the efforts made by the authority in the field of traffic safety in cooperation with car dealers, to preserve the lives and safety of consumers, and to provide the necessary protection for consumers through its constant keenness to conduct continuous reviews of all products offered in the Sultanate’s markets.

Contact Details:

Audi Service Number 24500200, 08:30 AM to 17:30 PM Sunday - Thursday