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His Excellency, Sulayem bin Ali bin Sulayem al-Hakmani, Chairman of the Consumer Protection Authority recently issued Resolution No. (209/2021) regarding the prohibition of trading an electrical adaptor based on the Authority’s system issued by Royal Decree No. 53/2011, and the Consumer Protection Law issued by Royal Decree 96/2014 AD

The decision stipulated in its first article banning the circulation of an electrical adaptor bearing the trademark (Marshal) for not conforming to the approved standard specifications. In addition, the second article came to confirm that the existing quantities of the product mentioned in the first article should be withdrawn from all the markets of the Sultanate.


While the third article of the decision stipulates not to violate the penal sanctions stipulated in the Consumer Protection Law, and whoever violates the provisions of this decision shall be punished with an administrative fine of no less than 50 fifty Omani riyals and not more than 1,000 Omani riyals. The fine will be doubled in the event of a repeat violation. If this violation continues, an administrative fine of 50 Omani riyals is imposed for each day the violation continues provided that the total does not exceed 2000 two thousand Omani riyals. Also, article 4 indicated that those concerned must implement this decision as of the date of its issuance.


The authority calls on all suppliers to abide by the provisions of the decision, not to trade the product, and to work to withdraw it from the market to ensure the health and safety of consumers as well as to avoid legal accountability and report any violation or violation through the various communication channels of the Authority